6 Best Kylie Jenner Beauty Hacks

Kylie Jenner is constantly offering up her personal beauty tricks with fans, Here are some of our favorites to help you achieve the look and help you wih  every single step of your beauty routine from start to finish.

Tip #1 

First things first, how to distribute moisturiser across the face , according to Kylie Jenner the best way is to use a brush ,Using a proper brush to apply product to the face helps in a number of ways.

Tip #2

the kardashians/Jenners are well known of thier perfect shaped eyebrows, and heres Kaylie’s guide to full yet natural eyebrows, her advice is to pencil the sparse areas and outline your finished brows with concealer

Tip #3

And for the perfect eyeshadow look, not only kylie Jenner confirms this but also her make up artist Hrush Achemyan says that the best way to get a non messy eyeshadow is to use a scotch tape under your eyes before applying it to give it a winged effect.

Tip #4


On Kylie’s 18th make up look tutorial she said using an orange blush as a base and place it on your cheek bones where you usually put regular blush to get a much stronger hit of colour.

Tip #5

Another kylie jenner contour hack is face baking and the way to do it is letting translucent powder sit on your face for five to 10 minutes, which allows the heat from your face to set your base foundation and concealer, and then dusting it off your face which gives you a flawless look.

Tip #6

And last but not least is how to get rid of pimples , according to Kylie she uses drying lotion on her zits , Kylie leaves the lotion on overnight and cleans it off in the morning.





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